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"Why Am I Here?" Wally Miller's Farmall H

A big sign stands next to Wally Miller's tractor that reads:


"Why Am I Here?  As you can see I don't have a shiny new paint job. I'm not rare. I'm not real high or low and I wasn't the first or last one made."


In this video, Wally explains to us why this tractor was here on display at the 28th National Red Power Round Up in Des Moines, Iowa. Wally shares the history of his family’s IH Farmall H from his childhood up to today. It took him to school when he was five or six years old and endured many hardships during it’s life on the farm, but it is still in the family.

Wally also runs an IH museum, Down on the Farm, in Creston, Iowa. For tours, contact Wally at 614-202-4582 or

This video was recorded in June 2017.

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