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Harvester Highlights Magazine

Red Power Magazine

International Harvester Scout: The Complete Illustrated History

by Michael Banks

International Harvester Hough and Dresser: Construction and Industrial Machines

by Roger Amato

International Scout Encyclopedia

by Jim Allen

International Harvester Trucks: The Complete History

by Patrick Foster

A History and Memories of International Harvester Canada

by Brian Kirkpatrick, Larry Smith & Warren Brewer

The Story of Twine

by International Harvester Company of America

Red Combines 1915-2015

by Lee Klancher

For Better Crops in the South

by International Harvester Company of America

The McCormicks of International Harvester

by Ray Burhop

Canning, Pickling & Freezing with Irma Harding

by Marilyn McCray

Red Tractors 1958-2013

by Lee Klancher

International Harvester Australia: Geelong Works

by Sarah Galloway

The Big Book of Farmall Tractors

by Robert N. Pripps

Farmall: The Tractor that Revolutionized Farming

by Randy Leffingwell & Robert N. Pripps

The Farmall Dynasty

by Lee Klancher

International Harvester Tractors & Equipment in Australia & New Zealand by Graeme R. Quick

International Harvester, McCormick, Navistar: Milestones in the Company that Helped Build America

by Kenneth Durr & Lee Sullivan

Payline: International Harvester's Construction Equipment Division

by Oscar H. Will Jr.

The Roar of Dust and Diesel: A Story of International Harvester Doncaster

by Mike Teanby

International Trucks: 100 Years 1907-2007

by Frederick W. Crimson

Cyrus McCormick: His Life and Work

by Herbert Newton Casson

150 Years of International Harvester

by Charles H. Wendell

International Harvester Farm Equipment Product History 1831-1985

by Ralph Baumheckel & Kent Borghoff

International Harvester Tractors

by Randy Leffingwell

International Harvester Tractors 1955-1985

by Ken Updike

International TD Crawlers 1933-1962 Photo Archive

by P. A. Letourneau

International Harvester Experimental and Prototype Tractors

by Guy Fay

International Harvester: Photographic History

by Lee Klancher

International TracTracTor Photo Archive: Photographs from the McCormick-International Harvester Company Collection

by P.A. Letourneau

International Trucks (Crestline Series)

by Frederick W. Crimson

Farmall Model M Photo Archive

by P.A. Letourneau

A Century of Labor-Management Relations at McCormick and International Harvester

by Robert Ozanne

A Corporate Tragedy: The Agony of International Harvester Company

by Barbara Marsh

How to Freeze Foods

by Irma Harding 

International Harvester Refrigerator Recipes 

by Irma Harding 

The Century of the Reaper

by Cyrus McCormick III

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