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Scott Warrington

April 2015

This article originally appeared in the Chapter 38 International Harvester Collector Club for Western Canada's IH Legends newsletter and is reprinted with permission. Click here to visit their website:

Member Scott Warrington of Paradise Valley offered this article with information and pictures from "Oxen Trails to Jet Trails," Paradise Valley Alberta.

Powell & Allan Garage in Paradise Valley, AB 1929.


Local history says a Mr. Brown had a machine shop within the Powell & Allan Garage, an Oliver Hart-Parr Tractors & Machinery dealership at that time.

Bill Stoddart and his dad bought the garage that had belonged to Brown & Allen around 1933.


Stoddarts were an IHC machinery and truck dealership. It is not clear when it ended being a dealership. This family name has been gone from this area for likely 50 yrs.

The building still is still standing. I used to work with present day owner.

Reproduction of typical dealer decal.

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