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Gary Warrington

July 2015

This article originally appeared in the Chapter 38 International Harvester Collector Club for Western Canada's IH Legends newsletter and is reprinted with permission. Click here to visit their website:

In the late 1960’s Vernon Sjoquist bought Miles Garage. I bought my first new vehicle in 1971. It was a Ford half ton as he was a dealer.

After about five years with no International dealer, Vern signed a contract to sell IHC parts in 1972. In early 1973 he agreed to become a full line International dealer.

Vern was happy with his time with International and in 1975 he won a trip to Spain and later a trip to Jamaica. He made several trips to the USA, twice to Chicago, Kansas City and one to Phoenix when the new 2+2 tractors came out.

One year he ordered 40 eight foot drills and was able to sell 36 of them, so he didn’t have to pay interest on the rest.

Near the end interest rates were 19.5% and finally 24.5%. Vern had to pay upwards of $12000 per month on unsold equipment and he decided to let the dealership go. This was in 1982.

He was able to return all his parts inventory to IHC and most of the equipment was spread among the other dealers.

Vern is 92 now and fondly remembers his years in the garage.

Submitted by Chapter 38 Member Gary Warrington.

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