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Auto Wagons & the Mitchell/Klenoeder Museum

The Red Power Round Up team was pleased to have George Mitchell appear as a "Harvester Heritage" featured speaker at the 2017 Red Power Round Up at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday and Friday, June 15-16, 2017.

Mr. Mitchell is a former IH/Navistar Dealer in Perrysburg, (Toledo) Ohio and has an extensive collection of over 100 IH vehicles from 1907 models to the 1984 Lone Star. Mr. Mitchell’s presentation titled, Auto Wagons & the Mitchell/Klenoeder Museum, is full of great stories of finding and restoring the various trucks.

Mr. Mitchell’s appearance was sponsored in part by the Harvester Heritage program, an International Harvester Collectors Club (IHCC) initiative. Videography was performed by Steiner Tractor (www.SteinerTractor.TV).

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