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Wes Plagman’s Long Career with IH’s Truck Division 

Wes Plagman started with International Harvester in June 1947 at Watertown, SD. He started with the Ag division and later switched to the Truck division (not many did that). He worked in various districts in South Dakota, and later worked in the Kansas City and Dallas districts. Wes retired from IH in October 1986. 

At one point in his career all four of his sons worked for IH. Today, his son John owns all of the International truck dealer locations in Nebraska, the main one being in Omaha. His son Bruce was an executive at AGCO who spent his early career with IH-Navistar before joining AGCO, while son Mark is the General Manager of a Volvo Truck dealer in Indianapolis. Wes was 92 years young at the time of this recording.

In this video, Wes shares the story of how he got started with IH, the waiting list for Farmall tractors after the war, and his impressions of the Navistar trucks today. 

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