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TA Rhudy & Sons History

This four-part video highlights the 50 year anniversary celebration of TA Rhudy & Sons, one of the largest IH dealerships in Kansas. The presenters in this video cover the history of TA Rhudy and his descendants and the history of the dealership, and the family members that grew up in the dealership share many stories and memories. This excellent history also sheds light on some of the circumstances surrounding American farmers after the Civil War, and what life was like for Midwestern families during the first half of the century.


We would like to thank the Rhudy family for sharing this video with us. The Rhudy family and the members of Kansas Chapter 3 would like to give special thanks to videographer Mike Saft, a Kansas Chapter 3 member, for donating his time and talents to record this video at no charge to the group.

TA Rhudy & Sons History, Part 1
TA Rhudy & Sons History, Part 2
TA Rhudy & Sons History, Part 3
TA Rhudy & Sons History, Part 4
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