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My First Set of Wheels was an IH Tractor

Jet Kaehn

November 27, 2015


The summer before I turned two, my parents took me to the Iowa State Fair where I watched my dad, an IH employee, participate in a “Tractor Square Dance.” The tractors went back and forth, and around each other, and did all kinds of fun movements. My mom and I both loved it, and she tells me I sat riveted through the whole thing, wanting to see it again.


A month later, I was turning two and for my birthday my parents were planning on getting me a tricycle, but I kept saying I wanted a tractor like my daddy had driven at the Fair. So they got me a shiny red IH pedal tractor for my first set of wheels!


We still have the pedal tractor today, perfectly preserved, even though it was driven by both my siblings, a couple of nephews, and every kid in every neighborhood we ever lived in. All the other kids had tricycles and Big Wheels, but no one ever had a shiny red IH riding tractor.


It sure would be nice if there is anyone out there who happened to be at the Iowa State Fair in 1969 and would have pictures or videos of it. If you do, post them on this site!

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