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DEALERSHIPS OF THE PAST: Imperial Oil Products 

Garry & Donna Meyer

October 2013

This article originally appeared in the Chapter 38 International Harvester Collector Club for Western Canada's IH Legends newsletter and is reprinted with permission. Click here to visit their website:

This International Harvester Dealership started in Arborfield, Saskatchewan in 1930, run by Sid Ramey until 1936. Between 1936 adn 1945 A. Merriman ran the dealership.


In 1945 Henry Gilbertson took ownership until 1949 and Erle Wilson joined him in the business


Then in 1949 - 58 Clayton Meyer and Erle Wilson took over the business.


The 1950's were very wet years and no one had money to pay their bills, so late in '54 Clayton went away to work and Erle stayed to collect what he could. It was disbanded in 1958. It was also the Imperial Oil dealership.


This picture is when Gilbertson had the dealership.

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