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Please share any personal highlights or experiences you had while working with the International Harvester organization. In the latter years, it is well known that many dealers and corporate personnel made extraordinary efforts to enhance IH customer service and product performance, control costs, and improve the financial health of the International Harvester Company. We encourage all IH folks to share a story about their Harvester experiences. Much was accomplished, and the intent of this program is to capture those stories for future generations.


You don't have to be a good writer to submit your story! Just tell us everything you can remember, and our editors will work to turn it into a flowing narrative. Please make sure to include the PDF form with your contact information in case we need further clarification.




Just click the PDF button on the left to open the submission form. Complete as much of the form as is applicable, save it to your desktop, attach it in an email, and then send the email to along with your story and any photos or news clippings you would like to include.  Your story can be typed in the email, on the space provided in the PDF form, or in any other software program you are familiar with. Just be sure to attach a copy of the pdf waiver and your contact information along with your story in case we need to contact you for any clarification. If you prefer, you can print the PDF form and mail it along with your story and photos to one of the committee members (see the Contact page for addresses). 


If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to call or email us. Our information is listed here.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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