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An Intimate Interview with Steiger Tractor Founder Doug Steiger

As a young farmer in NW Minnesota, Doug Steiger had a need for a tractor larger than his IH units. He and his brother decided to build their own four-wheel drive tractor which lead to Steiger Tractor  Company in Fargo, MN, and eventually built the IH 4WD tractors after they merged with International Harvester Company. We got the chance to speak to Doug at the 28th National Red Power Round Up in Des Moines, Iowa in June 2017. 

In this interview, 84 year-old Doug shares the interesting details of the twists and turns that developed this great company over the years.

5 May 1903

The Steiger Tractor Story: from the Family's Perspective

Steiger 1 rehabbed 1975

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