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Pre-1940 IHC and Farmall Tractors with a Titan 10-20 Engine Start

The Iowa State Fair Pavilion, a very large covered arena where the Pre-1940 International, IHC and Farmall tractors were gathered at the 2017 Red Power Roundup. As we climbed the bleachers to get a better look, a late-teens Titan model 10-20 was starting in the arena. A few minutes later we were standing next to the now-running tractor, marveling at the meticulous restoration and intricate, visible workings of the engine. I was able to capture some video of it in the parade the next day.

This video was recorded at the RPRU at Des Moines, IA in June, 2017. Thank you to Marilyn McCray of Teardrop Trail for allowing us to share this video.

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