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Allan Thorson - 11B Sugar Beet Harvester
Matt Thornson - IH Dry Bean Cutter
Donald Myers IH 220 Check-Row Cross Planter
Screen Shot 2023-10-15 at 8.53.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-15 at 8.44.09 PM.png
Jon Bellman's 1945 "Rust Bucket" Farmall B
Mounted Ice Cream Maker on a 1947 Farmall BN
1936 Farmall F-20 & 1954 Farmall Super M-TA
Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 6.23.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 5.50.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 5.23.08 PM.png
1950 Farmall Cub Gifted from Father to Son
 1970 Gold IH Hydro 544 Industrial Demonstrator
1970 Farmall 826 Gold Industrial Demonstrator
IH Truck history - Allen+Clark.png
IH Truck History with V. Allen & T. Clark
Pope Reed.png
IH Credit Corporation - Pope Reed
Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at
Scouts Presentation-John Glancy & Scott Culbreth
Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 9.57.45 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-06-15 183104.png
Big Blue exterior2.jpg
 Youth Restoration 1942 Farmall H Contest Winners
'Big Blue' School Bus Custom Conversion
1948 Farmall C with C221 Drill Corn Planter
P1 combine thresher.png
P2 combine thresher_edited.jpg
Part 1- 1959 International 151 Combine Thresher
Part 2- 1959 International 151 Combine Thresher
Christmas Tree Mower.png
Iron Mule McCormick.png
Lazer Lit Internl 3088.png
Rare Christmas Tree & Custom Orange Mowers
1931 Iron Mule McCormick-Deering
Lazer Lit 1984 International 3088
Farmall Paint Colors decoded.png
Larson Heritage Farmall Super A.png
 140 Farmall Collection & Paint Colors Decoded
Larson Heritage 1949 Farmall Super A
Memories of a Honeybee on a 1969 Farmall 140
MarK Mullican.jpeg
The 'Teaching Tractor'-cut open 1951 Farmall Cub
15-30 Tractor made from Junk Parts 
Rebuilt W.F. Hebard A14B Shop Mule Aircraft Tug
Eric Best.jpeg
Kevin Darst.jpeg
Vaugh Allen.jpeg
Eric Best - Moguls & McCormicks
The Darst Story & Harvester Highlight Magazine
McCormick Tractor & Farm Equipment History
Screenshot-20190628-Red Since 1941.png
Schmitt Family Dealership Memories
Red Since 1941
Screenshot-20190628-The Big Red Hood of
The Big Red Hood of IHC
Screenshots-20190628-Memories of Working
Screenshot-20190628-Harvester Dealer Sin
Memories of Working for International Harvester Company
Harvester Dealer Since 1918
Screenshot-20190110-Top Ten Red Tractor
Top Ten Red Tractor Countdown
Screenshot-20190108-Let's Talk Cotton Pi
Screenshot-20190107-Ole' Red Goes to Was
Let's Talk Cotton Pickers
Ole' Red Goes to Washington
Screenshot-20180723-The 62 Year History
The 62 Year History of Bill & William Carter's Monroe County Dealership
Screenshot-20180723-99 Year Old George M
99 Year Old George Murphy Discusses Alabama's Preference for 3pt Hitches
Wes Plagman’s Long Career with IH’s Truck Division 
Johnny Walker's Memories of IH's Truck Division in Kansas City 
Who Doesn't Like a Parade?
Vendor Walk-About
Pre-1940 IHC and Farmall Tractors with a Titan 10-20 Engine Start
Red Power Roundup Walkabout - 2017
A Conversation with David Pankonin
Untold Stories of Machine Development at IH
(Day 1)
Untold Stories of Machine Development at IH
(Day 2)
Auto Wagons & the Mitchell/Klenoeder Museum
Now Just Blowing Smoke

Truly International-The Global Reach of McCormick, International Harvester and Navistar
Driving IH in Iwo Jima: Kimel Brent Shares His Lifelong History with International Harvester Trucks 
Jim Shutt, IHCC National Board Vice President, Shares the History of his Dad’s 1937 F-20 
Lee Klancher's Success with IH and CaseIH Product History Books at Octane Press 
Custom Harvester Warren Bachman Used IH Equipment Since 1969 
Joel Klein's Road Stories from His Michigan IH Dealership in the 70’s 
Alma IH Collector Ron Schultz Remembers Excitement over New Features 
Former IH Salesman Richard Marshall on the Unique Needs of California Farmers 
"Why Am I Here?" Wally Miller's Farmall H

An Intimate Interview with Steiger Tractor Founder Doug Steiger 
Brad & Luke Williams Own the IH Farmall Super M Pictured in the Harvester Heritage Logo 
Ron Degener Restored this Rare McCormick-Deering Horse Drawn Corn Picker 
Tom Johnson’s Rare Single Horse Grain Drills 

Jim Steward Builds a Unique IH Corn Picker
for IH Pedal Tractor

Roger Lubiens 2017 Update of California Chapter#14 IH Collector’s Club Activities 
"Femineering" by Marilyn McCray

Don Bayliss' Gold Demonstrator

Bayliss Family Tractall Pedal Tractor

Lyle Dumont's Cub Cadet Collection

Jim Billings' Tractor Collection

Joe & Sandy Spahr's International Pick Up Truck
Literature Preservation by Sherry Schaefer

Roger Kreutscher's IH Scout & International Truck Stories
Randy Bodine Interview

Bob Buxton Interview

Growing Up in a Family IH Dealership
by Ron Schmitt
Bill Anderson Interview

Ray Cook's Tractor Collection

Arland Jolly's Tractor Collection

The History of RF Houtz & Son

A History of Innovation

Influence on POP Culture and American Folklore

Secrets of the Scout

TA Rhudy & Sons History

Allen Martin's Waukesha Model Farm

Wendell Shuh's Tractor Collection

Lenvil Mooney's Oral History 

Robert Houtz's Family Dealership & Cub Cadet Used Parts Business
Pancake Days at the IH Dealership--Jan Younker's Oral History
Farmall-Land USA's Jerry Mez's Oral History

William Reedy's Historical Research into IH

Roger Lubiens on the Contributions of IHCC Chapter 14 to Local Students
John Boyens' Unique French-built IH Super C Farmall Diesel Tractor
Conrad Fiskness' 1940 M Farmall

Alex McGilvray's Oral History

Michael Silberhorn's Work Experiences at IH

"I'll be Goddamned if I had to pay for the malt too!" -- Eric Nottestad's Oral History
Kelley Wegman's Oral History

2016 Farmall F-12 Restoration

Tom Smith's Oral History

TD24 Resurrection

Chapter 5 President Bob Gihring's Oral History
International Harvester During World War II "The Strong Shall Be Free" 74342
McCormick, IH/Navistar Innovation since 1861

RPRU 2015 Bud Youle

Ed Powell
Keynote Speaker at the 2015 RPRU
IH Products for the War Effort

The Revolutionary Reaper

IH History Presentation by Tom Clark

Donald Layton Rhudy's Family Ties to McCormick, International Harvester, Navistar
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