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Untold Stories of Machine Development at IH (Day 1)

The Red Power Round Up team was pleased to have Gerry Salzman, J.W. (Bud) Youle, and Lee Klancher appear as "Harvester Heritage" featured speakers at the 2017 Red Power Round Up at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday and Friday, June 15-16, 2017. 

Mr. Salzman, IH/CIH Retired Global Harvesting Director, teamed with Mr. Klancher from Octane Press, lead author and photographer of Red Tractors and Red Combines. They and their teams have spent thousands of hours researching IHC products. Mr. Youle, who worked for the International Harvester Company at many levels, starting as a Zone Manager in Kansas, all the way to the Worldwide Corporate Marketing group, joins Gerry and Lee with a great presentation on the 2+2 Series Tractor. 

This presentation, titled Untold Stories of Machine Development at IH, includes discussions of the rare IH WK40 6-cylinder tractor, and the development and introduction of the 2+2 Series and 50 Series tractors. 

Their appearances were sponsored in part by the Harvester Heritage program, an International Harvester Collectors Club (IHCC) initiative. Videography was performed by Steiner Tractor (www.SteinerTractor.TV).

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