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Scott Warrington

April 2015

This article originally appeared in the Chapter 38 International Harvester Collector Club for Western Canada's IH Legends newsletter and is reprinted with permission. Click here to visit their website:

Member Scott Warrington from Paradise Valley, AB contributed this article, with excerpts from the book "Winds of Change,” Edgerton & District (printed early '70s).

This dealership started as Wilkinson Motors by Sid Wilkinson. The tractor and truck we brought to North Battleford last summer came from there. The building is gone now. In October 1958 the Herberts took it over until 1967. The dealer decal was made up as a replica magnet.

My dad's uncle got this 1953 SW6 from Wilkinson Motors new.

My grandfather bought it from him in 1955. Been on this farm since then, still plow snow with it. Runs great for its age!

My grandfather bought this truck new in 1952 from Wilkinson Motors. 


Truck and tractor been working together here since 1955! 

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